Building Homes in Harmony
With The Desert

About Us


Our team is excited about the inquiries we are getting about new homes. We are currently bidding several beautiful custom homes ranging from 2500 square feet to over 4000 square feet. One of my favorite new home building materials is cement stabilized adobe. I can’t wait to build with this great material again soon. By the way the photo of me in front of the beautiful custom home in the back ground is cement stabilized adobe.





We are currently doing 3 remodel/addition projects. InDesign is helping with 2 of these projects. All of us including our clients are enjoying the progress. I am currently doing value engineering for remodels and additions. These include a garage/studio and a guest house. Right now these projects are in the conceptual stage and I am putting together a reasonable budget based on these concepts. Once we get the go ahead from our clients we finish construction drawings and submit the completed plans to development services and to our talented group of sub contractors. At this point in the process we work with our customers to create a final comfortable budget.





All of our current projects are cost plus projects. This is a totally transparent way of doing business. Our customers see all bids and all actual cost of the project. They  also see my contractor fee  on every cost. I personally like this method because of how honestly we treat each other. The suppliers, trades people, me and my clients prefer this method.